Importing projects errors

Hi all, trying to get my Aedifico project back in to Codea using the built in Import feature.

Ran in to this problem almost instantly:

Tried exporting a small project as zip and importing it, getting the same problem. Anyone had any luck with this?

I think the import option was removed because Apple wouldn’t allow it. If we’re talking about the recent export/import option. I was able to test it when it was first put in and I didn’t have any problem with the export/import of projects.

@Luatee I just looked at your link above and yes, that option was removed. The only thing you can import now are assets, everything else will be restricted.

EDIT: You can always use the new functions createProject, deleteProject, and hasProject to write your own importer.

@dave1707 Assuming I could read all of the Dropbox directories and download all the assets and save them in the correct locations. I’m not well versed on this side of Codea though. I’ll have a look at a couple other threads, I think I’ve seen a Dropbox importer on here before possibly.

Do you know a good resource for the http/network side of Codea?

@Luatee I have Codea linked to Dropbox, so anything I have in the Dropbox App folder is synced with my Dropbox Codea folder. I use readText to read the files in the Codea Dropbox folder and pull anything out of there I want. I don’t need to use http to get to any of the Dropbox files.

@Luatee Another way I handle projects that I exported as a zip file is to view the file with a zip file viewer. I find/view the project/file I want, copy it, then paste it into a Codea project. That works fine if I have just a few files/projects, but on a mass scale, a program would work be better.

Sorry @Luatee, this is also why the review for the last version took over a month. We had to restrict the importing of projects to get the update on the App Store.

@Simeon I know that Pythonista has an project import function that they were able to get through Apple, why won’t they let Codea do it?

@Attila717 how does Pythonista do it? I don’t think it has a project import feature (last time I checked).

@Simeon It’s an export option. You know, that box with the arrow pointing out of the top of it. If you’ve downloaded a file or something, you can press that button, press Run Pythonista Script, then select import file or run a script of your own. You can even bring in zip files then unzip them in app.

@Simeon that’s a shame, hopefully you can adopt pythonista’s import procedure if that is allowed by Apple, in the mean while I’ll have to import everything manually.

@Attila717 that looks like Pythonista 2? I can’t find an import file in the latest version 3.

What you can do is write your own app extension in Pythonista 3 that will show on the share sheet for external files. You can write your own “import” extension to import files, but the app itself doesn’t ship with one.

@Simeon No, that’s Pythonista 3. I’ve attached a picture here, the thing circled in red is the pythonista one. I didn’t add that. The things circled in blue are the ones I have added. I will say that I only noticed the import function a while ago, so it may have been added in a recent update. But it’s definitely there…
Edit: And yeah, it’s an app extension, just one of the default ones.
Edit x2: Yup, it was a new feature. Attaching picture…

@Attila717 oh but as it says in the release notes, it is only shown for non-python files. So files you can’t execute.

@Simeon Maybe there could be an import zip file function and then an option to unzip it from the assets folder?