Import to Codea from xCode?

Yesterday, while using Air Code, I lost a bunch of tabs on an older program I was updating. Unfortunately, the most recent backup is an export to xCode. Is there any way I can import this back into Codea?

I also have an older version that I saved as text in DropBox which I’ve Copied and Pasted it into a new program. Is Copying and Pasting in Codea the way to get my tabs back?

What’s the best backup method?


If you copy your program from the main Codea front page (listing all the projects) by pressing your project name until the copy option comes up, it will copy all your tabs with text markers to tell it where the different tabs go.

To paste this back into its separate tabs, press and hold on the Create new project icon until you get the option to paste into project.

I usually copy my code to github periodically, but if you want a fancier backup system, try this

@Ignaz, Thanks a bunch! I didn’t know about the Paste option.