Images not showing up in Xcode

Hi, I’ve been working on an app for several months and am ready to get it moving through xcode. I have followed the steps and when I build and run my code, it runs and the main screen looks like my main screen on my ipad with one huge detail, none of my images show up. I have pulled my images out through iExplorer and placed them my main folders sprite pack section, I see pictures in Xcode under frameworks/codea/spritepacks/dropbox.spritepack.

Any ideas of things to look for or change? I would really love to have my images show up. I wasn’t able to find anything on the forums or online addressing this. The error I get is invalid sprite specified, which makes me think it is either not finding my images, or the code using codea where it calls sprite(“Documents:image”, x, y) isn’t finding it.

Thanks for any tips.

.@smile4awile - try “Dropbox:image” instead of “Documents:image”, if the images are in the Dropbox sprite pack.