Image editing programs for games

I am still new to the coding side of this but i was wondering what programs you all are using to create your images. The ones that are in the standard files are great but i wanted to try and design some of my own. I have been using paint to create some minor pixel images but it seems like i cant get around having the white background stay with the image.

Just wondering what you all use to create your images sprites for your projects.

if you want a transparent background you must use png format, but…
you cant copy that from the ipad photo lib, which is jpeg only! So you have to find a way to import them directly to Codea, via http request, or any other means (ifun explorer, or itune transfer from your pc, or send a mail, or dopbox).

@jpwernet18 I HIGHLY recommend getting iDraw for the iPad, its a powerful, easy to learn vector graphics program (meaning you can enlarge the images all you want and they will never loose detail). It can conveniently upload straight to your Codea folder in Dropbox. If you don’t have a Dropbox account made or hooked up with Codea, thats the first step you should take. Its the only sane way to gets lots of art into Codea.

More importantly iDraw gives the option to not include the background when you export. Buying it was the best $8 I’ve ever spent (besides Codea of course). To use vector images you need to export it as a pdf. That file types works fine with Codea. Theres a slight learning curve to vector graphics but if you stick with it, it will be a breeze in no time.

Edit: I used it to make all the art for my game that should be coming out soon

The most direct way to correctly import images is to make sure you have a Codea dropbox folder set up (it will be in Dropbox > Apps > Codea), and then most iPad drawing apps worth their salt will let you save to the folder directly, then you just go into the assets drawer on the front page of Codea, open the Dropbox folder, hit Sync in the top corner, and then you can access your images directly from the image picker in Codea.

For raster image editing on the iPad, I’ve used Procreate (terrible name, great app). It has a very wide choice of formats and locations to save to. I save to PNG into the Codea folder in Dropbox.

You should also investigate using vector graphics, via PDF format, as they are resolution-independent (although they become rasterised in some cases).

I’ve used Inkpad for vector graphics, which is free, and also wonderful (and again lets you save to lots of places, so you can put the files directly into the Codea drawer in Dropbox).

There’s a good roundup and comparison here (though it doesn’t mention procreate):

it’s a shame no one has developed a vector art editor/designer in codea yet

I created a really simple editor long ago. Hang on, I’ll find the link.

EDIT: here

I use inkpad for pretty much all my images

I use iDraw for iPad for all of my art, awesome program.

As well as iDraw and Procreate on the iPad (which are excellent) - if you’re serious about doing this sort of stuff and can’t be bothered with the pain and expense of going down the usual Adobe route, I’d seriously consider people have a look at Affinity Designer on the Mac ( ).

It can freely mix vector and bitmap images, has powerful and intuitive toolset, is blisteringly fast and most importantly, has pretty much a one click export for iOS assets (ie. layers, retina support etc) - and labels everything neatly.

I’ve pretty much migrated to this for all my gamedev stuff these days - it really is fantastic! :smiley:

I love iDraw, but I also love Sprite Something. I know, I know, it isn’t the most user friendly or pretty, and might have a few bugs, but I still use it for nearly all of my pixel art games. iDraw just doesn’t cut it for pixel art, though I love it for designing GUI elements,

I have Sprite Something also, but haven’t messed with it much yet. Seems cool though.

If you want something in Codea, there’s always Harmony

I use Acorn on my Mac when I need to create something. I’m no master artist, but I like to think the results are acceptable.

Just my $0.02 - iDraw seems to get a lot of love as the best vector editor, however I’d recommend storing your assets in PDF format and then rendering them to an image on first load and using that in-game as you’ll get the best quality assets regardless of your screen size / retina settings and only have to store one set of resources.