I'm stumped

Help me out here.
I never thought I’d actually say this but I’m stumped. I have no idea on what to create so if any of you guys have any suggestions then please post them here. Thank you in advance. Yours truly, #Toxyn


@Toxyn - if you’ve never created something before, start small on something familiar and easy, eg noughts and crosses, or just bounce a ball round the screen. Make circles on the screen and make them disappear by touching them.

I would only worry about having a great idea, once you have practised programming in Codea.

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Try making a drawing program, or something that u can work on over the years, or help somebody make a game :)>-

I’ve already done all of these but I’m helping someone make a game right now

If you still need ideas put the words space and pizza together and make a game based on that

I was having fun using this to generate ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha that link is so strange @Briarfox

Some of them are disturbing! “An arcade game where you touch your friends to win points.”

I might make this one! “A god game where you invent monsters to save the environment.”

Oh I loved that link @Briarfox, it displays awkward results sometimes, here’s mine : A student project where you reattach bits of brains by toying with physics. Very, very weird, I may consider thou >:)