Hi All,

Just a brief note to ask if anyone has had problems running iExplorer. When I run it it will not access my pad!!! I found a reference which claimed you need to run iTunes before it will access yout pad, presumably it checks what accounts are set up. I have iTunes, but I have a problem with it, I can’t update it - I think it could be a Win 7 or Norton problem but can’t seem to resolve it. Any ideas ???


I’m taking a shot in the dark… I have a mac… Try connecting your iPad before you hook it up. And about iTunes, just re download it from here and then install it. It should work.

Hi Zoyt,

Tried the hook up, no go. Also tried to install iTunes several times - gets so far then stops and won’t complete so have to stop the install. I’ve tried changing permissions, switching off the firewall/virus killer and it still won’t install. But since I started iTunes is now running but not functioning correctly. Fortunately I can get all I need for the pad directly.


Not sure if it’s relevant, but I tuned off the auto synch on iTunes. I forget where the setting is, but I hate how it takes over the moment you plug in your device. I prefer to initiate stuff like that manually.

Hi Arcanum,
Thanks for the info. Don’t know how but, my problem with iTunes still persists - I can’t install the latest version, but I managed to get iExplorer to work somehow. If I find out what the problem is I’ll post what I find.
Thanks again.