I seem to come to a “developers block”, I have no ideas for games! Any suggestions would be helpful, and please no overly complicated projects for a novice Codea user

The best advice I have heard is to copy someone else’s game, because it is extremely hard to come up with original gameplay, even if you are an expert. And if, as you say, you are a beginner, even if you had a good idea, you probably couldn’t execute it well, because you probably need more practice.

So I don’t think having novel ideas is important at all, at this stage. What is important is to practise, and to develop your skills. So I would find a simple game that you like playing, and replicate it in Codea. Even a simple game like Breakout (one of the demo projects with Codea) can be a challenge when you are still learning.

I did this to start with, developing several games I’d played previously, and it was well worth while.

You could start with ‘simon’: pretty simple, but has many aspects (timers, sounds) and you can improve it: rotate the game at various speed etc…