i know there is no way to add ads from codea but is there a way to add iAds later. i was looking at this tutorial for one of my other apps, and it seems that you could easily implement it into your Codea Xcode project. Here is the tutorial:

Yep you can add iAds in Xcode. I plan to do a tute on this once MineSweeper gets approved. You need to leave the space in the App UI for the banner of course.

One other trick - don’t submit a screen shot of your App with the iAd test banner in it or it will get rejected by Apple. I learned this the hard way.

.@Reefwing thanks, I’ll wait for the tutorial as my apps are waiting for review also. just a quick question though. where would you put the iAd. I don’t see a view controller anywhere. Sorry if this is a noob question

edit: you can have admob ads from google in addition to iAds. some apps have both. iAd on top and admob on the bottom.
here’s a tutorial on admob from the same guy from above

.@veeeralp - WARNING take this reply with a huge grain of salt as I haven’t tried it or thought about it much but I’m going to look at using the view controller in the CodifyAppDelegate (in the Supporting File group). We may also have to tweak the SharedRenderer, as that looks like it does most of the drawing, but I’m hoping not. The easiest solution will be to just overlay the iAd view.

I’m not sure whether we are pioneering new ground with this.

.@Reefwing ok thanks. i will be looking forward to your tutorial as soon as my app gets released. by overlaying the iAd view, do you mean just creating a .xib file just for the iAd/Admob ad

.@veeeralp from memory there isn’t a nib file for this view controller so it will need to be done in code - which isn’t a big deal.

BTW - MineSweeper is now in review by Apple…

.@Reefwing awesome, looking forward to downloading your game

Me too! The review process usually takes less than a day. For something as simple as MineSweeper I would have expected a response by now.

@TechDojo geez I’m stupid. Didn’t even think of that.

Umm… Stupid question- How would you get a screenshot w/out the ad?

How about running the app with the iAd code commented out?

I take my screenshots with the Codea screenshot button.

For my universal apps I need 5 sets of screenshots… I make the app universal by setting all fixed numbers relative to WIDTH and HEIGHT, then for the screenshots I do it like this:

I take 2 sets of screenshots, 1 set at 1024x768 which I use for iPad screenshots, then I scale those screenshots down using Gimp to 480x320 for iPhone 4/iPod Touch. Then another set at 736x414 (iPhone 6+ dimensions), which I do by setting the WIDTH and HEIGHT to those dimensions, then I take the screenshots.

I then crop the excess part of the screenshot off of the smaller screenshots (736x414) and scale them for iPhone 5 (568x320) and iPhone6 (667x375). That way you are not changing the aspect ratio of the screenshots and they don’t look stretched.

iPad and iPhone 4/iPod Touch share the same aspect ratio (4:3), and iPhone 5, 6, and 6+ same the share aspect ratio (16:9). Doing it this way takes maybe 15-20 minutes to have all your screenshots done.