I want to help with documentation but I can’t figure it out

A while ago @John posted a GitHub link that was, iirc, intended to let us help refine the documentation through pull requests.

A) I can’t find the post
B) I remember not being able to figure out how to do it when I tried once before

Right now all I want to do is add a line to the craft rigidbody section that informs the user that rigidbodies do not scale with their entities, and the size you enter for their shapes is an absolute size that does not take model scaling into account.

Can anyone help me create this pull request?

Is this what you’re looking for.


So, is it embarrassing that I couldn’t find a post I made myself? Yes, yes it is.

Is it embarrassing that I can’t figure out how to do an apparently simple thing on GitHub, a thing so basic and simple that it doesn’t seem necessary to explain anywhere? Yes, that also is embarrassing.

But I still can’t figure out how to contribute. Merely giving me the link to the GitHub doesn’t help. Do I need to create a branch? I tried to figure out how to do that and I can’t. Do I need to fork? I can’t figure out how to do that either.

The GitHub docs seem to be full of directions like “make a pull request to offer your changes” but I can’t see directions that tell me how to make those changes in the first place. Do I have to be invited as a collaborator before I can do any of this? Very confused. Want to be helpful, am very confused.

I can’t help you anymore than what I gave you.

@UberGoober you’ll need to learn how to use Git / Github if you want to contribute directly:


You can create a Github account and then fork the documentation. From there you can make pull requests. This can be done using the Github Desktop client (https://desktop.github.com/) which gives you a nice visual interface for managing your Git repositories

A pull request is just a commit (change to a file or set of files) that you submit where we can evaluate the changes and decide to either accept or reject them. So it could be something as simple as a fixing a spelling mistake, adding a missing property, improving a description, etc…

The documentation is written in YAML, which is a special structured document format which we decided to use for our built-in documentation. This makes it easy for us to generate HTML or in-app decumentation using the same underlying data. It can be a bit confusing to navigate, but the python scripts that Simeon provided with it can generate HTML for you to test if your changes work (invalid YAML syntax will cause it to fail)

@John thanks for the link. Just as a point of information, I use GitHub all the time for Codea projects as well as projects in Xcode and visual studio, so while I’m not an expert or anything I understand the general terms and principles involved. When I wrote “I tried to figure ____ out but I can’t” I was referring to the literal UI paths to accomplishing those things, like where is the button for forking, etc.

Fair enough, to be honest I also find the pull request interface pretty unintuitive. Forking is at the top right of the github website interface

@John okay I’ve made my first pull request, clarifying a few things about rigidbodies. I hope it looks good. You’ll see the request as being from GlueBalloon, which is my GitHub handle. Please feel free to take or leave whatever you want.

@UberGoober Thanks, I’ll check it out!

@UberGoober @John I have had a repository for the docs for a while. I might merge John’s repo into this one so we can have a single place for them!


@Simeon I did look at that before, but it doesn’t seem to have a craft section at all, unless I’m missing it. So I assumed it was the more out of date one.

@Simeon 's repo is more up to date, I just forgot about it when I created mine :#

I’ve now archived mine and taken your pull request changes and submitted them as a pull request for the main repo. You can then make future changes there instead

@John @Simeon can you give me a link to the Craft section on Simeon’s repo? The reason I didn’t use it is that I couldn’t find the Craft section.

@UberGoober Not sure if this is what you’re after, but if you use the link from Simeon above, Craft is the 5th section down.