I have just published "StripGrid", an Image Selector library for Codea projects


I’ve been working on a project in Codea and I had to code an image selector for my project. Since this functionality is quite generic and it can be useful for other people / projects, I want to share it. Suggestions and bug reports or fixes are welcome. I published the code here:


Please explore the Main file for options. I tried to make it quite flexible and generic, so it is not limited to sprites. It can be used to display any content in a grid with the ability to browse it swiping horizontally or vertically.


Wow!, nice and compact =D> I wanted to do something like that, but “extracting” something from the boxes and letting them to stay on the board for late use.

Thank you quezadav. You can use this library and implement your own listener function “onSingleTap” to achieve that. Have a look at the SampleListener class.

I just added a short video of this library in action.

Thanks, very nice project :smiley: