i have fun using codea

made this shooting program (I shouldn’t call it a game for its bugs and lack of progress haha)
the code is kinda very messy and I used a few of my sprite images thru iexplorer, but if anyone is really interested I guess i could share my messy and immature code hehe. Hope everyone has fun using codea like me :slight_smile:

Great work @Toshio. Looks like you have a fully upgraded space ship in that video :slight_smile:

Nice! I would like the code and sprite packs. I misgt actually convert it to non-custom sprite packs for you.

Thanks for the comments and interest here is the code that i combined from few tabs, deleted one because it didnt work for some reason after combining lol) but i have no idea how to attach sprite images i used

Oo it didnt let me post all at once, too long :T
And it ended up losing format too, didnt realise its so hard for me to post code lol

Nice effects. Starting coding with the fun stuff and then slowly building the mundane parts later is energizing. Although I tend not to finish many times when I do it.

For sharing, many people use pastebin or git

Sharing that require Iexplore is a bit more difficult.

Thanks ipda41001, made an account on it
Please forgive the messiness x)


Still have no idea with the images tho

I’ll take the code and create my own images in spritely in it for you :slight_smile: As some of you have you noticed, I make a lot of utilitys.

That’s awesome
Yea ive noticed. I wish i could do complicated stuff like you could haha
I can barely understand most of the codes shared by other people:P