How to save Data into different projexts

Ok, so I saw this saveProjectTab in the reference and it says “Project or Tab” but I can never get it to save into other projects,only the one it’s on, any help?

Have another look at the reference, it explains how to write the code to save to another project, like so

The key parameter takes the form “Project Name:Tab Name”. “Project Name” specifies the project to save to, and “Tab Name” specifies the tab to write. If “Project Name” is not specified, “Tab Name” is assumed to exist in the currently running project.

@JustinDrake Here’s an example. Project “01” has to exist before this will work. This will create a tab “test” in project “01”. Or you can change “01” to any project you want, but that project needs to exist before this will work.

function setup()
    str='function test()\
     print("tab test")\

Ok, Now how do I use string.find to search through a projects tab to find a pattern.
This doesn’t seem to work
RESOLVED!!! I used string.find when I should’ve used string.match

function setup()
S = string.match(readProjectTab("ProjNameHere:TabNameHere","StringToFind"))

Again, I made a tutorial-like comment on string matching if you need help…


I really need to get all of my tutorial-like comments together…