How to read all images.

How can I get a list of all strings of image in the documents folder? Does “Documents/*” work to return a table?

Yes : spriteList("Documents") does the trick

Never saw that in the reference! Thanks

Possible to delete images using codeas built in?


So writing nil to a file name will mean the file has nil data, then does codea delete the file because it has nil data or does it do it because of the command saveImage(file,nil)

@Luatee I think the garbage collect of Codea removes anything that is set to nil. One thing I’m concerned about is saveLocalData. If you have a project that saves Local Data and you delete the project, the local data is still there until you delete it. But if you don’t remember what the project name was, the local data will stay there probably until Codea itself is deleted. But if you create another project with the same name, you can remove it.

Oh right, well this should work nicely