How to make a 3D world?

How to I make the background 3D? How do I make a small map with say first person capabilities or just an open space to put stuff in? Just a 3D realm.

Check this thread from @ignatz.

It’s not as simple as you think it may be. All transform functions (rotate, transform, and scale) have a z property, allowing you to move them back further. You can also change the camera perspective. If you want to go into detail, look in the graphics portion of the docs.
Edit: Sorry, posted at the same time as Jmv38. You may also want to look at the built in examples for simple representations of how this works.

It’s quite hard. I have posted a series of about 20 posts looking at different aspects of it, starting here

But if you’re prepared to put in the time, it’s a lot of fun, too.

Oh, I see about the x values, but yeah, a bit complex.

This app is hard to use

Which app? Codea? Try Objective-C!