how to add new .lua files in Xcode?

I have created a new .lua file and put it with the other files in my project. But when I run the app functions defined in this tab are nil - not defined. so how to i get Xcode to recognise a new .lua file when added?

Try cleaning the project.

Thanks but I’ve already tried that and it didn’t help.

@Coder open the info.plist and add a new item to buffer, name it the tab name.

@Luatee, ah yes, I forgot about that. Good catch.

@JakAttak I wouldn’t have remembered if I didn’t just de-export my project to my new iPad, only backup I had… I though iCloud backups stored your projects too?

@Luatee, my icloud backups store my projects… the only thing is they take a while to restore and if you open the Codea app before the are all restored it seems to stop the restore process and you don’t get everything back.

Hmm, well I didn’t actually back up from iCloud but iTunes… I don’t see how that makes a difference though, I’ll probably try iCloud tonight.

@Luatee that didn’t seem to help- it looks like whatever tab i put at the end of the buffer isn’t included when i build my project-is there a way to change the length of buffer?

Ignore my above comment-thanks for the help guys, i think i did some of the steps in the world order so i started over and got it working- thanks again :slight_smile:

@Coder glad you got it working