How much time do you guys spend with codea in a week?

My computer programming class is using codea, so for this semester at least 2 hours per day, sometimes on the weekends.

@Zoyt yes I included that as well xd
sometimes I start a small project, but it’s not much of use but just fun to have it done once :stuck_out_tongue:

@MistReaper - jealous :((

None right now, but I have 5 day off this week. Fall is awesome in Arizona so a small vacation is in order. When I am programming over the course of a week about 10 -15 hours. I hope to refactoring my tile game engine this week.

@Thwapp - If you’re in Phoenix, it a bit hot all year. If you’re in Prescott (where I am), it’s cold as heck at night. But it is pretty awesome.

I have nothing but time, and I have Codea, so 42 hours a week (on a good week).

I win :stuck_out_tongue:

@SkyTheCoder wow that’s alot, wish i had your time (but then i wanted your programming skills as well xd)

42 ?. @SkyTheCoder :open_mouth:

You don’t put “Coder” in your prifile name with out coding more than 20 hours a week :slight_smile:

@SkyTheCoder - I assume you’re not in high school and have REALLY good time management? And don’t play an instrument or a sport? That explains all the sweet stuff you’re making. Let’s see… I’m in high school, I have miserable time management (usually because of Codea), I play an instrument, and I play a sport.

SkyTheCoder is homeschooled, I believe. That may help.

Go homeschooling!

Unforunately i got caught by codea… 1 to 5h a day, more on weekend and when i am on a project. Sometimes it feels like being an opium addict: lying on the couch, lost beween ipairs() and setcontext(). Thank god, i have to go to work!

Today, it’ll probably be about 8-10 thanks to Unity 4.3 (WOOHOOO! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ).

You all got somuch timee im jealous! I only have three hour a week :frowning:

@Zoyt Unity3d Is great and all isn’t? To bad it cost $1,500 just to get rid of the: “Made with Unity3d” logo.

@Jeesevanderheide - I usually have about 4 hours of homework a day, but I got really lucky today and I have virtually none.
@Prynok - I totally agree. What’s even worse if the lack of fancy lighting. I don’t own the Pro version, but I really want it, so that’s part of the incentive to make my app perfect. My latest Goldmaster didn’t do that. Whoops. :">

@Zoyt mine is not only homework i have football(soccer) every thursday an tuesday and every wednesday i have to deliver the newspaper. Wich means i have to do all my homework on the remaining days wich is alot

@Prynok and @Zoyt - regarding Unity, probably a bit harsh on something that’s essentially free despite a few shortcomings. Very powerful even it’s basic form IMHO. :wink:

Although, my only gripe with the free version is that it doesnt optimise the compiled code when building apps. Something fairly basic compiled for iOS can go well over 100mb! You have to ‘go Pro’ for this luxury!

P.s. I’ve been evaluating Project Anarchy (from Havok) for the last few months. Its clearly going head-to-head with Unity as an indie-games dev environment - early days, but looks very promising as well as using Lua as its scripting language. :smiley:

@andymac3d - Hmm. In all the researching I did, I never ran across it. Or I don’t remember it. Downloading it now. :smiley: I do agree that Unity is VERY steep and they remove the most basic things, which is a bit annoying, but it you want it enough, which many people do, they’ll fall for it. Just like me.