How much time do you guys spend with codea in a week?

Im just really curious, i dont spend a lott of time with codea because i have school.

Well I have school as well, and lately I’m really busy with schoolwork, but if I’m not then I spend 10/20 hours a day on it, mostly small projects, exploring stuff… but I never have good ideas :wink:

@stevin8ter Is that 10 to 20 hours a day, or 10/20 (1/2 ) hours a day.

@dave1707 that would be a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, but not in a day, I still have got a life hehe :wink:
But it could happen sometimes that I fool around with it 5/6 hours a day, for example during math classes when i get bored (that’s already 2 hours a day) and the at home some more etc

I’d say 3 hours a day. More if work is slow.

Five hours a week.

round an hour or two a day

2-5 hours a day if I get in to doing it, some days not at all.

3 hours a day usually. On the weekend, I can go 10-24 just playing around :-SS

2 hours a day

3-4 hours a day

@stevon8ter I’m shocked to hear that you code during math [sic] classes - unless your teacher is telling you to (in which case I’m impressed).

Maths is essential for graphical programming and it’s much easier to learn it while you’re young.

@Andrew_Stacey I know but it can be rather boring sometimes, and hey I still get good grades, sometimes it’s easyer for me to learn alone, but most of the time I try to keep attention, but that’s hard with an ipad in front of me

I’m not spending any time in Codea now that I’m working from the runtime engine, but working on my app on the weekends, about 4-6, but that’s 3 days a week, if I’m lucky. I’m usually pretty busy.

Prob 3-4 hours a day. Doing more Unity at the mo, which means a bit less. :slight_smile:

@stevon8ter How does your teacher, or classmates not catch you?

I wanted to write a program a long time ago that would keep track of my iPad time, but when I learned that background code stops, I gave up on that idea. I’m constantly on the iPad, but probably an even mix between the Codea forum and Codea itself. Between the 2, I would say 5++ hours a day. As I said in other posts, when I’m watching TV, I’m also monitoring the forum. If something pops up and the show I’m watching isn’t that interesting, I then start responding or coding. It’s not unusual for my iPad to have a full charge in the morning, then get a message that evening that I only have a 10% charge left. Sometimes I just leave the iPad plugged in. With winter on the way, I’ll probably be on it even more. I’m retired, so I have plenty of time.

@Prynok, I’m always pretty much in the back of the class, and the teacher only comes walking around a few times, thank you ipad for swipe gesture to my note taking app ;p

@stevon8ter You sneaky programmer you ;))

@stevon8ter - Haha. Same here. If you count fooling around with various projects in class, about 24 hours a week on a good week.