How I can delete spritepack default?

I want to change the default spritepack.
How do I do it?


no jailbreak, ios 6.

How do I do it?

How do you mean? You can add your own sprites through Documents or Dropbox. The default packs are fixed (though you could use an app like iExplorer to browse your iPad filesystem and change them).

thanks for the reply,
What I do is delete some default spritepack, with iexplorer I can not, seem to work because I have not jailbreak.
Maybe this functionality to remove default spritepack can be added in the next version of codea. Is it possible?

translate by computer.

Out of curiosity: why delete the default packs? Even when you’re not using them in a project,I find them an excellent source of “place holder” graphics for a work in progress.

The only reason I can figure out to delete default pack is to reduce the size of the app when compiling (using runtime Codea) for the device. @Simon, I supose that all Sprite packs are included in the code, even when they are not used ?

.@pcarras if you’re not using them in the runtime, then they are easy to delete — since you would be on your Mac in Xcode you can just delete the Sprite Packs you don’t want to use. I thought @user_userx was talking about deleting them from Codea the app.