How do I make a icon on my project?

How do I make a icon on my project?

You mean in the Codea project viewer (like the tutorial projects)? When your project is running, press the camera button to take a screen shot, and choose “set icon” from the menu that appears.


@yojimbo2000 have you seen my PM to you?

What’s a pm? Sorry I’m new to this.

@JHRA PM is personal message. You tap on a persons name, then the message button in the upper right of the screen that shows. You type in whatever message you want and press post message The message is sent only to that person.

Oh! Thank you guys tons

No I didn’t see it.

@JHRA The PM was sent to yojimbo2000, not to you.


I don’t know why @Jmv38 used this thread to ask me that. Confusing huh 8-X

Anyway, welcome to the forum!

Sorry, @yojimbo2000, i did this because i thought you hadnt seen my PM, that happens sometimes, and i wanted to attract your attention. But everything’s ok now. PS: have you seen my last pm? lol.