How do I get my app on test flight

Without the Xcode scince I don’t have mac

Well, you need a mac to build it, so no testflight. However, you could rent a cloud mac, I believe the going rate is about $1 an hour.

Have you tried this ‘cloud mac’ thing? How does it work?

I haven’t tried it. I was looking into it, but decided to convince work that I needed a mac :slight_smile: It looks like it would work if majority of your work was in codea. Then rent the mac and create your build and upload to testflight. On paper its a cost effective alternative. However if you integrate obj-c then you’d be spending a lot more time on the cloud.

Oh ok I could try an emulator though but that would take long time

I could ask someone if they can upload my app on theirs while I get enough money to buy my own