How can I add the ad to my app?

I can’t speak English very well, so maybe there are many mistakes…
I want to ask: How can I add the ad to my app? And when I let the code go into Xcode, which Language is it?
Can you help me?
I don’t have Mac OS X, so I can’t do that.

When you do an export to Xcode from the Codea app, the files from your project are bundled together in an Xcode project with the Codea runtime, and all the various frameworks that Codea uses, OpenGL etc.

So the language of your project doesn’t change at this stage. When you open the exported project in Xcode, you will still see (and be able to edit) all of your tabs, and they are still in the same language: Lua plus all the Codea APIs for physics, OpenGL, device input, file IO etc.

But the bundle also contains all the other frameworks needed to make the project run. The Codea runtime is a binary, so you can’t directly edit that (but I guess it’s originally written in Objective C?)

Also in the bundle are Objective C add-ons that implement GameCenter and iAd functionality in your project, by exposing additional functions that you can use in your project showAdFromTop etc. I’ve not used these yet.

But to publish to the App Store you do need a Mac/ Hackintosh running OS X, Xcode, and a $99/year dev account.