How can I add descriptions and pictures to my projects?

I do not know how to add descriptions to projects, or pictures, so if someone would kindly tell me how.

@Sparrownor1 Change what you need to:

saveProjectInfo("Description", "----") 
saveProjectInfo("Author", "----")
saveProjectInfo("Version", "1.0")
local myImage = readImage("Documents:icon")
saveImage("Project:Icon", myImage)

If you want to know how to draw images, use the `sprite()` command.

@Saturn031000 if I right understand him, he want change project preview like in example projects

for viewing modification, you must run the code before.
you can use setcontext to edit icon with some text for example, very usefull.

perhaps it was very interesting to collect project by Description or Author in a Folder.

when i create a new project it was intersting to input desciption, version, icon.


@lupino8211 The last two lines of the code provided above should do that.

Thx guys

@Saturn031000 ok, thank you

@Saturn031000 don’t work for me

@lupino8211 The Documents:icon was an example, you need to change it to something else.

You can change the icons!?!?! :open_mouth:

@Goatboy76 I know right! why haven’t I learned this before!

@SkyTheCoder maybe I misunderstand , but I changed Documents:icon to my icon, and nothing changes

@lupino8211 Can you post your setup function here? (All of the code should be in setup btw.)

maybe make sense what I use codea 1.5.4?

@lupino8211 Maybe you are right, having Codea 1.5.4 is the problem. I’ll see if it happens on my iPad 1. Also, the three ~~~ need to be on a line by themselves for it to format.

@lupino8211 I think the problem is that myImage isnt an image since “Documents:icon” was just an example image name filler. You should try replacing “Documents:icon” with another image.

@Goatboy76 He said he changed it.

This was added in Codea 2.0, so the problem is him having 1.5.4

@JakAttak Yeah, just tried it on my iPad 1. Doesn’t work.