hooks into CoreAudio framework?

howdy. I’m an audio guy. I know that codea is designed for game-like applications. Has the development team thought about how to add some more features to the sound API? It would be really great to have access to some of the coreAudio API features, like writing to the soundcard buffer, and reading audio input that’s stored in the buffer. Since CoreAudio does all the heavy lifting, we’d really just need some Lua API hooks (as an addon) to forward/alias function calls into the CA API. I searched a bit and didn’t find much in the way of previous discussions about this. Perhaps this is beyond the scope of Lua, and should be left in C? Adding this framework to Codea would make a great tool for introducing audio programming to non-audio programmers…

There has been discussion of implementing the MIDI API, and there is the functionality for a sound buffer, but not much more at this point.

I read a few of those threads about that CoreMIDI idea. it seems @Simeon was looking for suggestions for an interface design? I wonder if that’s the case here.

I know that if it is, we don’t need any of the stuff relating to AudioUnits in the CA API.

Although it would be lovely to have the entire AudioToolbox.framework supported, we really just need the AudioQueue.h to be added to codea, as that is what lets you record and write audio streams from/to the hardware.


If your interested, I have the time, and the API is simple to implement, I might make one for the runtime if you could use it. :slight_smile: