High Score help

Does anyone know how to make your game end and how to add a high score type of thing

I suggest that you look up gamestates… That is a var that contains the current state of the game, so when for example, losing all your lifes, then you’dd set the game state to game over…

and then check for that

As for the highscores… you just posted in a topic where it’s explained… so don’t start a new topic about it, at least give the people some time to replie to your question in the other topic…

Use seveLocalData() and readLocalData(), Is perfect for that

@stevon8ter Agreed, also try looking up that type of thing on the forums, trust me, this is come up more than once.

@Prynok, true

take now for example, I didn’t find something about emoji… I first looked the forum…
I didn’t find it, and eventually I asked it in my own topic, where we were already talking about a problem about the emoji