Hi Everybody I'm new and I've got a project and where to start.

Not even sure where to post this but say I have a machine, like a calculator, it’s in fact a Flight Mission System but similar. I have used Keynote to produce a picture of said machine and simply by transitions and screen touches I can show students how to do certain functions on it - initialise - holds - flight plans etc, but I’d like to go to the next level and using screenshots (I’ve taken thousands) I’d like to try to make my pictures interactive. I’ve downloaded codea on recommendation and watched all the You Tube lessons but would love a mentor/s to put me on the right track. The first of many questions is how do I import my picture (the framework of machine onto the background). I apologise in advance but I guess we all start somewhere.
Many thanks in anticipation.

@Pilgrimav8r I think what you want to do is create a 3D Model of the plane, I’m not sure how interactive you can make images without restricting certain views etc

I have done at least one post on this, see here, which shows how to download images on demand


Your main problem is that your program doesn’t wait while images are downloading - you have to make it wait - and that is what this post discusses.

Thank you both for your answers and by cutting and pasting a bit of Ignatz work I have managed to get an image on the screen. Luatee, I’m not sure of how to show a screenshot of what I’ve produced but if you imagine any calculator type thingy with buttons and say when you hit the ‘On’ button it goes through a sequence of screens and then it’s ready for entry. I’m certain it could be used to show sequences of button presses - but each press would produce another image in the screen. Is it possible to send you a personal msg or an email to try to explain?

Ahh, I get what you mean now, I think… Is this the sort of thing you want? http://www.rjmitchell-spitfire.co.uk/spitfire/index.asp?sectionID=3 Is that what you mean by interactive? Anyway this sounds like a good project I’d be happy to help if you want to send me a PM

Yes please but how do I send you a PM or an email. I don’t want to break any site rules? I have produced lots of presentations using keynote on the iPad (Ideal platform) if you have it and maybe Dropbox it would all make sense to show you. Thank you

@Pilgrimav8r To send Luatee a message, tap on his name. A new page will come up. On the left side of the screen under his picture is a link that says “Send Luatee a message”. Tap on that and key in your message.