[Heroes War] out on AppStore now!

Hi All!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Heroes War is now out on the AppStore. It’s a fast-paced action strategy game.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU8VuYT7Yzs
AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heroes-war/id661263116?ls=1&mt=8

Do try it out and let me know how I can improve it. :slight_smile:


Looks pretty epic. I might look into buying it later…

Very impressive!

Would buy it but I have an Ipad 1 (no IOS 6.1 avaiable) so no Heroes War for me :frowning:

Peter, did you make the final version of this game in Codea? This looks really well thought out.

Ric, yup, it’s all coded on codea. Except for some of the music bit.

I actually set the version to iOS 5 on Xcode but the AppStore reviewer somehow upgraded it. Let me check the libraries.

Not my type of game, but creds to anyone who develops in codea

@zapaper bought it and love it — amazing work. Lots of little polish like the way parts of the UI highlight during the tutorial. Love the world map effects and animation.

The more I watch the trailer the more it looks like the kind of game I used to play on any website I could find and would spend literally all day playing. Hopefully, I’ll get it soon.

Great work!

Really neat :stuck_out_tongue: However I have an issue with the icon. Mine is the generic Codea icon.

I tried to buy it but it says it needs iOS 6.1 and I only have 5.

How can Codea which runs on 5 produce a game which only runs on 6? Must surely be a mistake by the AppStore reviewer.

Thanks all for quick responses. I have just uploaded a new version (5 days to get reviewed) to correct the following bugs:
a) Icon for ipad 1
b) Compatible for iOS 5.1
c) Bone dragon sprite art correction

Thank you for your patience and kind support

Got the app, and it’s awesome. I just have a few things to point out: 1. It appears that the elf princess (whoever she is) is looking left and right at the same time. Try and make that face in real life. Yeah. 2. It says there’s a dragon, but I just see a bunch of things that looks lke spikes glitching back and forth. 3. It’s really hard to lace the flag for your troops to gather at… 4. Please add automatic saving! A one point, I accidentally went back three stages. 5. On the “special stages,” please make it ask if you want to purchase them when you release your finger. 6. Make buttons darker when you’re holding them. 7. When they have a little cutscene, try pressing on “skip” and dragging it over “next.” Yeah, they both light up. 8. Please make obtaining gems a bit easier! Now that I look back on it, that’s more than a few. Oh, well. Everything else was perfect, though. Really nice controls, lots of troops, tons of fun battles, creating armies… Awesome.

Thanks Skythecoder. Keep those feedback coming. :slight_smile: You can also pm me.

Gosh, I wish you were one of my beta-testers so that I had time to correct those bugs. The dragon sprite error will be fixed in the update. The rest will have to catch the next update :slight_smile:

I am already starting on the next game, if you have time, would love to have you as a beta-tester. PM me :slight_smile:

For those wanting to try before buying, the lite version is out on the appstore for free!