Help with Play and Reset Sprites.

Does anybody know if the code or images for the play and reset buttons found on the bottom left of the Codea game screen, or when you triple tap the screen is available? I would like to use these images in my game, but drawing the reset button would take a lot of time for me because I need it a certain size (about 180x180).

@YoloSwag Click here for a restart image. It’s not perfect but I made it in 5 minutes. Gimp is a great free image editing software for making icons like this. It’s a little hard to understand at first, but it gets easier. By the way, the icon looks blank but that’s because it’s fill and background are transparent.

Probably easiest to make your own

The Cargo bot sprite pack has some play,pause and reset buttons. And the ones you are looking for May be in the codea runtime here (Look in assets maybe under codify)

Perhaps you can take a screenshot and extract your icons
Second solution you can use special character like widwing with special fonts included with codea and use fontSize and context for dimension

Emoticon font

Oops, the apple emoji don’t display in safari

@coder this: :wink: does display in safari, so i guess there is a way… it is a question of encoding

@YoloSwag - you can use Emoji icons, I have a guide here