Help! black screen

I’m not sure if this is a bug or my problem but my codea isn’t working.

I loaded it 3 mins ago, created a new project (named: aircode), turned on aircode (via Firefox) and I pasted in a long section of code. (to be exact it was the code for ‘dominos’ by Saurabh) and as soon as I pasted the code into firefox’s aircode screen my ipad2 went black.

I waited and nothing happened so I closed codea, but when I load it now all I get is a black screen!

Please help, I love codea!

Try to kill codea in the active apps bar (you know it?).
Then restart it.

When you copy paste code from the web, there is the black screen bug.
Dave1707 made a prog for that.
I made a gist.
I’ll get he gist adress…

Mm… Maybe this doesnt work too because it is a gist… Let me know.
Just run the project with your project name.

Just in case: to get the active bar double press the ‘home’ button.
Then long press on codea in the active apps bar. Crosses appear. Press the cross to kill codea.
Tap the screen.
Restart codea

oh Thank you all!

killing it in the hidden bar fixed it.
I was in panic for a bit :slight_smile:

Just so you know, there is another bug sometimes. If you write a really long line that wraps around, Codea can get confused about the cursor position and not display the line correctly.

Best is to hard wrap your long lines manually (Codea ignores spaces and line feeds)

But we don’t mind little quirks when it’s such a nice toy >:D<

Thank you Ignatz, I shall try to remember that. :slight_smile: