Hi Everyone,

So, I’m new to the forums and new to Codea. First off I want to say great work to Simeon and Dylan (and anyone else involved in the writing of Codea)

Codea is an awesome bit of work that allows those with an iPad (but unfortunately no Mac) to get their feet wet playing around with programming for the iPad.

I think the next laptop I purchase will be a Mac, but that might not be for a while. I look forward to the growth of Codea, and the possibility that in the future we may even be able to get our apps up at the app store (assuming I ever write anything App Store worthy, free or otherwise).

I’ve been playing with some of the example code submitted by some of the members, and I have to say there are some very talented individuals here. I’m learning a lot.

I’m a long time programmer of other languages (not so much with lua) but hey, what’s another language right? It’s actually not that hard.

See you all in the Forums.

Happy to be part of the community,


Thanks for taking part in the community. We appreciate having you guys around!

BTW John is the third developer at Two Lives Left.

Oh, Hi to John as well.

See, all good things come in Three…

Welcome! And it’s not only 3 people who help… Look in the credits. I also looking forward to Xcode export. Right now,
I’m using Gideros Studio while I wait.

Hi Chris. Thanks for joining! Hope you have fun with Codea.

Oh I am. Very much so. I look forward to new updates with more functionality and examples. Keep up the great work. I will contribute code as well for new and old members as well, once I have some more polished stuff. But I doubt that some of the more experienced developers here will learn much from me as its more of a case that I am learning from them.

Hi Chris. Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: