Happy New Year (for those who celebrate it today)


All the shapes in the video are from a new library by LoopSpace, which has a number of different 3D shapes with all sorts of parameters so you can tweak them. It will be available soon!

Happy new year!

Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to start messing with 3D!

I have to say, that’s one of the most impressive 3-D libraries I’ve seen yet, being able to render that quickly.

Actually, the objects are pre-rendered (that is, I created all of the 3D meshes during setup), which takes a little time at the beginning, that I left out of the video.

I tried creating them in real time, but creating the spheres produced a little lag on my iPad 3. It might be smooth on a newer iPad, however.

As you can see, drawing them is pretty fast.

@Ignatz My happy New Years script is way better…

print(“Happy 2015!”)

Happy new year from 'Murica :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday, 2014

I remember 2014 like it was only yesterday,


Happy new year from Stafford :slight_smile: