Happy birthday, Codea

Happy 4th birthday to the most fun app I’ve ever used

Thank you so much, @Simeon, @John :-bd

<:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P <:-P

Haha wow, it’s been 4 years already! Thank you @Ignatz :slight_smile:

Though that does mean there is over four years of code in the codebase. It’s like constantly repainting a bridge: you get to the other side and have to start again.

happy Birthday. and thank you for your program

i thought its been many years, more than 4 years, I am grateful to have Codea give me passion inspiration and creation

15 min coding birthday cake: that’s codea!

@Jmv38, that is one awesome cake!

@Simeon, congratulations. I wish some day i can point to something that people like and value, and say - i did that, here is my tangible contribution to this world. You can proudly say this about Codea. It is no small accomplishment.

It feels like I just started playing with Codea. I joined in May 2012 not knowing anything about Codea, but there is still plenty to learn. Best app ever, congrats to everyone involved.

Feliz cumpleaños desde México =D>

Happy birthday! Thanks for making a great app that got me into coding.

Yep, I joined back in the days in which we couldn’t even output text and had to draw it on the screen as images. And even then Codea was the best toy anyone ever gave me.


Yes, congratulations!

Just to add my thoughts for the efforts put in by the team - giving me hours of enjoyment, sore fingers, headaches and frustration!!!

MANY THANKS - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and get some kip sometime!!!



:)) :(( :open_mouth: :-& :-?

Congrats to the team :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! Wonderful cake, @Jmv38

Some happy birthday wishes from the Codea app i’m working on at the moment!