Grid help

guys please help me and code a 3d grid that I can tweak [-O<

(Guys im sorry about my spelling :frowning: )

Do you mean a 2D grid (lines on x,y axis) viewed in 3D or a 3D grid (lines on x,y and z axes) viewed in 3D? Do you have an example (picture from google) to help clear things up?

2d in 3d That is wot I mean :smiley:

But Sorry I can’t find a picture :-((

Function makegrid(dim) --dim is the dimensions. This function assumes the grid is a cube.
Local grid = {}
For I = 1,dim do
Grid[I] = {}
For j = 1,dim do
Grid[I][j] = {}
For k = 1,dim do
Grid[I][j][k] = 0 --or whatever
Return grid

I’d like the same.

What I want is an “endless” grid - set a zoom factor, and it fills the screen (or image or clip) - if the grid gets too dense, the minor lines would fade and the major would become the minor if that makes any sense. I’ve been meaning to write one, but it wasn’t a priority…