If you have graphics free-to-use and want to release them, maybe lets do it here.


So the Topic redirects to graphical suggestions I had made for the Game called Everybody Edits! The Collection is a board on my forum of graphics I got plans to use in my current game. I’m also accepting graphical requests in this topic or in PM (Private Messages). If anyone has suggestions for Codea Graphics/Assets, please be free to suggest!

With very much Love,

P. S./Edit: Got a new avatar temporary

Edit2: I’m going on vacation for a month, and I won’t be able to create graphics during the time, but coding… Well it’s Codea :wink: I’ll code on the Game.

@TokOut Im not sure if I understand what your saying.
So you’re making a game and you would like people to give you images that you can use in your game?

Hi, sorry for the delay (was on vacation).

I have created many graphics, and it would be cool to have some of them in the codea libraries installed. If you need graphics for YOUR game, be free to request them to me. (Of course only WHEN YOU WANT them to be CREATED BY ME)