Graphics acceleration Xcode?

Hi guys, and girls? Does the female species programme? Anyway, thanks to @zoyt I’ve managed to get my project running on my mac, but it seems to run very slow, compared to it having 60fps on my iPad 3, on my mac it has less than 10! Is there a way I can use the graphical memory thats used when games are run to make the gpu drawing quicker? Obviously everything on the cpu works much faster, but since Codea is based around drawing 60 frames every second, and there’s a lot to be drawn… I need the graphical memory!

Are these your benchmarks from running it in the simulator? If so, you’ve probably answered your question - as its highly unlikely you’ll approach 60 fps as there’s alway a lag when running it under emulation. I do find that its odd that its dropped to 10 fps though…hmmm… :-/

Have you checked any of the Xcode logs for any warnings? How does it look when you test the app on a device? Are you still getting a slowdown?

p.s. You could have a look at the ‘Instruments’ bit of Xcode if your feeling adventurous! This allows you to troubleshoot issues and optimise your code using a variety of analysis tools.

Yes they’re my observations when running my app in the ios7 sim. I know it’s quite odd but there is a lot of drawing going on at one time, the thing is that the iPad handles this easily and remains at 60fps, only goes below if using a heavy duty tool like smudge or so on… I haven’t had any unusual warnings in my log, nothing that seems bad, they’re all semantics… And that ‘Instruments’ bit sounds interesting! I’ll have a look now. Thanks!

Macs are not optimized for iOS apps, so you’re basically running the equivalent to a virtual machine in Parallels desktop, so it might be slow. My app runes about 1/3 as fast on my Mac compared to my iPad, and I’ve got a fast computer, so I wouldn’t worry.

I tried exporting 10Life to Xcode, and it was very slow, too. The only way it seemed at normal speed was if I was running it on an iPhone 5 non-retina.

Same as @Zoyt, I wouldn’t worry then. My Mac has 16GB of RAM… If it’s not fast on my Mac, it’s not fast on anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

A non-retina iPhone 5? There’s no such thing…

@SkyTheCoder I got 8GB Ram and intel i7 3rd or 4th gen, can’t remember but it runs like a dream! @Zoyt I’m not worried as such I know it’s not the mac, I can play the odd call of duty here and there and its fantastic how fast these things are, I’ve not had one before but now I have one it makes me realise… Windows XP/Vista/7/8 are all absolutely freakin’ terrible!

The reason I asked is because the mac sort of kicks in to a hardware accelerated mode and uses the graphics card which makes games noticeably faster. I was wondering if it’s possible to turn this on for Xcode, although I think it may be already…

@Luatee - You’ve left the PC void… =D> JK. The project seems to run just fine on my Mac (about a 3rd as fast as on the iPad, just like my game). I’m sorry I can’t help.

@Zoyt No worries, It’s not a big problem anyway I’ll just slow myself down to the frame rate and see if I cope! =P~

Nah I do like a custom built computer if I can afford it but apple said I need a mac, and they were right.

@Luatee - Hackintoshes work great, for me. In fact, I built a Mac computer virtually for free a while back. There’s a place called FreeCylce, and I asked for Mac parts multiple times, and after a while, I had basically everything I needed. I couldn’t get a few things to work, but that’s alright. Eventually the internet stopped working, so I got a Mac Mini.

After doing some digging and para-phrasing an old StackOverflow thread, here’s one answer why it’s so slow:

“Basic UIKit graphics are very fast because it’s simulated on top of OS X’s Quartz which is hardware accelerated, but the OpenGL ES context is an exception. It’s really slow. Even it’s a simulator, the simulator emulates OpenGL ES with software renderer to display correct result. It doesn’t use hardware accelerations”


This sort of makes sense I think :slight_smile:

Haha I heard of those back in the day but I was never interested in macs until I tried my friends and I was amazed at the design of it, I can’t trust making a mac myself, pc’s are just big and open its like a 12+ Jigsaw! But you can mess some things up real bad and paying for mac parts in the first place isn’t worth replacing mac parts when it all goes terribly wrong… I was going to get a mac mini but I didn’t know if I the specs were right and it requires a display and the only one is a 800 pound thunderbolt, they have retina though right?