glow ?

hi im just woundering how i would go about adding glow to a object that is moving or standing still ?

Try adding a smaller white ellipse behind your object.
The trick is to scale it up which will make it blurry and could give the effect you are after.
Also usable to make a “cheap” shadow effect.
The higher scale factor the more blur.

Not ny idea but I cannot remember where I found the hack :wink:

Re Peter

Tnx i did The same thing myself by just making a sprite that had transparent sides. But what i realy was out after is if i can make a simple object like a rectangle emmit light

A glow can often be simulated with a (gaussian) blurred version of the same image ‘added’ or ‘screened’ over the top of the original in a paint package such as Photoshop. For performance, I’d prep the glow this way into the actual sprite image, rather than use multiple objects to simulate this effect.

However, this may well be easier to achieve with the new blend modes in 1.5

I used Photoshop as well to make a glowing sphere that i added over my curret sprite that i wantet to glow next i need to figure out how i can add a particle field/ trace comming out from behind When its moving In several directions

@John had a neat example of glow using physics objects that I -think- he was going to post for us… but I can’t recall ever seeing that code. (nag, nag, nag)

@mark to bad :stuck_out_tongue: