Glitch Artwork under CC license

Hey - just a head’s up. If you’re like me, you like to program, but the art - well, I suck at it.

So - I always keep my eyes peeled for good art assets. I have a doozy here.

Glitch was an online game, kinda fun, but it went bust. But the cool people who ran it have made the art assets available via a CC license - so you may be able to use them for your own projects (if you aren’t selling them - and even then, you might be able to get a license). Check it out -

@TLL - I think there’s a pretty good chance that if you went to them and said “See this Codea thing, we like to include art assets for our end-users to play with, may we pretty please” - they’d provide you a license, even though Codea is sold, as you aren’t really selling their art. You could then include these, and it’d be pretty cool.

Wow! That’s pretty cool! That’s a LOT of artwork!

.@Bortels I love the art, thanks for posting the link.

While I’d love to include it, all the Sprite Packs that ship with Codea are allowed to be used in commercial projects (that is, Codea users who export through the Codea Runtime can use them in any games they like). If I were to include these — given the authors allowed it — I would somehow have to specify the non-commercial license within Codea.

Version 1.5 will come with some new sprite packs (that use the fancy new vector rendering). And I plan to make some when I get the time. But in the end it might be best if I work on .zip file import of sprite packs into Codea, that way packs like these could be shared by users.