Getting an exported app to work on iOS 7

I’m not able to get an exported app to work in iOS 7 anymore. If someone could help, that’d be great.

I believe you will have to wait for the new Codea update, it will have the iOS 7 API.

@Zoyt what errors are you getting? I may be having the same problem.

@JakAttak - I’m getting a SIGABRT issue. It has to do with referencing an image file or something. It also may be an issue that I’m using the beta version of Codea, but I don’t think that’s it.
@Prynok - I sure hope not.
Edit: I remember seeing something on iOS 7 exporting earlier. If anyone can help, that’d be great. Thanks!

I’m also getting a SIGABRT issue.

Yup. and the error is:

2013-10-04 16:55:01.089 StackIt[57802:c07] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** setObjectForKey: object cannot be nil (key: Documents:Triangle)' *** First throw call stack: (0x2bdc012 0x28f2e7e 0x2c5f0de 0x2c6394f 0xab43b 0xa93f9 0xe7a75 0xf6dfe 0xe7e93 0xe05d4 0xe7628 0xe80e7 0xe0598 0x4d7e3 0x5243 0x4d7635 0x4d7c07 0x1979292 0x1979994 0x196e0e2 0x196e15c 0x18ec0bc 0x18ed227 0x198fb50 0x1a5e39f 0x1a5ee81 0x1a6fcb5 0x1a70beb 0x1a62698 0x3728df9 0x3728ad0 0x2b51bf5 0x2b51962 0x2b82bb6 0x2b81f44 0x2b81e1b 0x1a5e17a 0x1a5fffc 0x287d 0x27e5) libc++abi.dylib: terminate called throwing an exception

Phew. I thought it was an error in my code 8-X

I guess I won’t be publishing my app in the next 2 weeks like planned. Oh well. :((

@Zoyt Gives you time to market and polish though!

@Prynok - Haha. That’s kind of what I’ve been doing for the past month or so. I just have to do some stuff in the runtime.

@Zoyt Oh, still. Can’t wait to see your game on the App Store!

@Prynok - Thank you.

@Zoyt can you send me your entire project zipped? (Maybe remove libcodea.a and libtools.a because they are big and I have those.)

I’ll try debug the error. It looks pretty simple from what you posted.

Any update on this issue? I am having the same problem when trying to run in iOS 7 …

May I say that I am getting exactly the same error as @Zoyt also on the iPad 6.1 simulator…

@MoNuS - Simeon is trying to figure it out. It works fine for him, but the same package doesn’t work for me.

Thanks for the update, @Zoyt ! I guess I will be in the same boat as you and won’t be publishing my app in the next two weeks. More time for debugging and adding features :slight_smile:

@MoNuS - I don’t think my issue affects you but I had misnamed my “.a” files. Another issue might be that your computer isn’t online so it can’t download the “.a” files.

Thanks for the update @Zoyt. In my case, files are there and with correct names… The error I am getting is:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** setObjectForKey: object cannot be nil (key: Dropbox:L_01)’

@MoNuS - Make sure you have a folder called “Dropbox.spritepack” with that file in it in your sprite pack folder.