Generative Art in Codea?

I’ve been on this forum a while now and I’m often surprised that Codea hasn’t been embraced more by artists and designers for generating what has fashionably known as ‘generative art’.

A nice blog of the sort of thing I mean is here:

I think that most creative types with an interest in such things tend to gravitate towards Processing - as there appears to be a massive cross-platform community on the interweb - as well as probably a lot more code-fragments, tutorials and documentation to get people started.

Personally, I think Codea/Lua is far more powerful. There are lots of creative possibilities that still remain untapped rather than simply for games and creating simple apps etc… I also think ‘generative art’ in its widest sense is probably a fantastic intro for noobies who want to do something immediately interesting with Codea, without getting bogged down with the complexities of creating games and fully fledged apps!

Does anyone use Codea in this way or has done anything vaguely creatively ‘off the wall’ with Codea?

Maybe we can do some sort of competition if theres enough interest! :smiley:

Sort of reminds me of the Flow Lines code that someone posted ages ago (and I stole for Harmony). Original discussion

@Andrew_Stacey - well remembered… I think this is the sort of thing I mean - nice aesthetically interesting demos. Maybe the word ‘art’ might put people off. :wink:

It would be nice to get some sort of gallery of such things on here - a bit like CC, but for images. These are often far more inspirational than a block of code and would really show off what you could do with Codea.

@Simeon, is there any possibility of a .gif export option one day? It seems a lot of Processing demos of this nature tend to be animated .gifs rather than videos. Just a thought.

I like playing around with artistic effects, and I put some of them on twitter. This link ought to take you to them (all but one are Codea-related, I think). For videos, I use youtube.

@Andrew_Stacey =D>

@andymac3d I’ve got a couple of related ideas in mind but I’m trying to build up my Codea muscles first :slight_smile:

My avatar image here is created with codea. Fun stuff :slight_smile: