General ranting, panting, and whining over XCode

For those who are struggling with your first export through XCode, know that even if you’ve done it a hundred times, you can still get caught in the certificate request / certificate / signing authority swirl.

Today, I believe I am about to start smashing things over certificate authorities / provisioning profiles.

On my keychain, I have two certificates: iPhone developer and iPhone distributor. Both valid certificates. Use them all the time. So… check.

Within XCode, I want to save an .IPA for ad hoc distribution to my beta test group. So for the code signing identity, I select the distributor certificate as the signing authority, then create an archive. So… check again.

Now, I go to distribute, and I’m offered two provisioning profiles (both of which appear exactly the same: iOS teamfor Mark Sumner. There may be some way to distinguish the two, but it’s non obvious. And besides, there are only two. So I select the first one, compile, and everything looks good.

Then I go to Testflight, drop in my IPA and get the dreaded “developer” message. The message that tells me I’ve selected the wrong profile. Or the wrong certificate. Or in some other way told XCode to cook up a version unfit for beta.

OK, must have picked the wrong one. I hie back to XCode, generate my package again using profile #2, and there’s the plump little IPA, all ready for testing. Only this time I get the equally awful binary mismatch message from Testflight.

I refresh my profiles, just in case. Nope, just those two.

I go back to my keychain and start to contemplate what kind of mess I’ll make if I request another certificate. And I start to think how nice it would be to never hear “provisioning profile” again.

@Mark never been through that myself yet. But i feel so much on side! All Codea community feels on your side. You are opening the way through this fruit jungle and your struggle will be useful not only for youself but also for the pals you will help later thanks to your knowledge.
So keep it up, we count on you! =D>

And… fixed. Mis-wired between the profile selected at the far right of the now multi-column spectacular XCode 5 build settings page, and the app / bundle ID.

Repeating to myself for the hundreth time “it’s a very simple process…”

@Mark I muddled my way through it - I got confused with my profiles so ended up creating a new provisioning profile making sure I gave it a readily identifiable profile name - this seemed to trickle through all the places I needed to select it. Not sure how to delete the old ones though!

I have done it about 3 times now and have gotten stuck at the certificate checks etc but I find I’ve always missed a step or tried to do it the wrong way round like step 5 before 4, that was on reef wings tutorial

@Luatee - exactly the same thing happened to me. Good to hear i’m not the only one :wink:

I always dedicate about 3-4 hours in the morning when my mind is clear and I am feeling good to pushing apps or app updates. Otherwise I spend the whole night smashing keys and doing circles.