I am a teacher and I used Codea (lessons programming)
children (15yrs old): they find it super!
Children know already variables, constants, standard codea commands
Yesterday, they make exercises: moving objects.
The following lessons are about:

You have any ideas for exercices ( for ex. Small games…)?

@AnnSophie I’m glad this is going well for you, the most simple game I can think of would be to make a free-roaming snake, or air hockey if they have not yet learnt about for loops (iterations and the sort) or are learning them then it is a good exercise to learn how to make objects follow each other and interact with separate objects. I created a simple sine wave program for my first which let you set the wavelength, frequency and amplitude of a sine wave. All of these are simple in theory but I’m not sure how easy it is to put forward to a class full of over enthusiastic kids!

You could have a fish tank and codea cloud loop through drawing each fish(this May need tables too)

Look in the 50 line challenge discussion on the competition forum topic. Lots of simple 50 line games there

I agree with @MrScience101, My 50 Line Challenge Thread is a great Repo for beginners looking for a simple Idea

I know you asked for project ideas but i just couldn’t help myself

@Ignatz has some wonderful tutorials at his webiste

The amazing @Reefwing has a giant tutorial (here) that goes through everything you need to know about utilizing Codea using one single game as its basis.

Now for project idea’s:

###A Quiz Game
… Is a great starting point and encourages the students to think about the different ways they can implement good user interaction

Example: Old School Math (made by a Student for Students @MichaelWeedmark)

###A Don’t Get Hit Game
… Is a good idea when teaching students about enemies and tracking in game entities

Example: Touchline (Made by our very own @frosty)

###A Free Faller
… isn’t a bad starting point, but it isn’t exactly a good one. Why am i recommending this then? Because if it’s fun to attempt something possibly out of your capability and you explore and learn a lot of things

Example: Ultradeep

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Codea is Awesome