Games from my daughters' designs...


This is the first fully working codea project I’ve made. It’s here:

It’s two ultra-simple adventure games, written by my daughters, with art by my daughters (mainly).

The art automatically loads from my Dropbox Public folder.

I welcome comments and advice.

I expect to take a lot of heat over the fact that I basically commented every single line of code. I was inspired to do this by two things:

  1. This article: Pondering this, I came to believe that the only good code is obsessively commented code.

  2. I want my daughters to be able to understand my code as soon and as clearly as possible.

The program works, and I’m proud of it. That said, I’m sure there are many things I did that I could have done more simply if I was more experienced.

I’d love to get your feedback and advice!

wow! good job!
PS: you could add some message to be patient for 15s while the images are charging. It works perfectly, but one wonders how long it is going to be.

You played it already?!? You are fast!

yes, i use codea showcase, so running links is really quick. Actually it is already included in codea showcase (on my ipad)!

I know not of which you speak!

Vas ist?

Ah, very very cool. Can you inspect the code after you run it?

Nice game :stuck_out_tongue:
The pictures take a while to load but it was worth it! I don’t know why the queens hate their jobs so much but apart from that it’s a great story.

@ubergober, no, but i can copy it, and paste it into another project if i want, with the usual interface. Or i can save it as a text asset (in documents) to have it available offline within codea showcase.

@G_nex lol

@UberGoober - lol, way to go, have fun programming and delight your daughters at the same time. I would have liked to do that myself if Codea had been around when my daughters were young. >:D<

Btw, I doubt anybody is going to criticise you for commenting so much, because we are here to have fun with Codea, not obsess over coding principles. I think it is great if it helps people understand the code more easily.

Fun game, I did encounter a couple errors when loading the images but after a couple of runs it sorted itself ouf

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Nope, his daughters drew the pictures, he programmed it

@Ignatz I thought he said “written by my daughters?”

@SkyTheCoder I think he meant that his daughters wrote the story.

If they had been written by my daughters, the heroine would definitely have got married at the end. (And maybe more. One of my daughters wrote a story where the heroine got married, and the next day they had triplets).

What can I say, my girls are power hungry.


I’ve tried to get this into Xcode as an app, but the call to music() throws an error along the lines of “command not found”.

(The custom music and sounds don’t play for you guys right now because currently the flag for that is set to false. There’s a few custom sound things that work when I run them locally.)

perhaps someone round here will know what to about your music problem - I would post about it separately, or just edit your title to include the problem, so it gets noticed