Games and Apps on Appstore

Hello everyone, I am Catalin and is the first time I write on the forum. I purchased “Touchline” and I am willing to purchase all the games and apps (not craps) made with Codea. Is there a list or a open topic on this forum where I can see a list of all the games and apps published on the store ? if not, I would like to have one so I can keep my promise and buy them. My willingness to buy them is just to pay back something to this nice community. Special thanks to @Simeon and all the people involved in Codea phenomenon !

@catalinanesia - completely agree! I think it’s overdue we have a sticky thread on here or a section on the Wiki of Apps that have been made in Codea as an inspiration to others.

Unfortunately @andymac3d I was not able to find anything related when I search, on Wiki I just checked and the only related somehow is (4. Contributed code: Programs and libraries developed by users of Codea; some fun, some useful, some both.). My intention is not to duplicate existing topics, if someone point me on the right topic, than we can close this one.

.@catalinanesia I’ve added a new announcement post that contains a list of apps and games. We’ll add more as they are announced / released or if anyone knows about some that we don’t.

Thanks @John , your announcement list is really great. Appreciate; this discussion then should be closed ? and if Yes, who can do that ?