So, I was looking at gamekit…

I think I see now the gap I was missing. Gamekit has support for local wireless and bluetooth gaming, and (here’s the kicker) it supports non-local gaming via Gamecenter, with automatch and so on allowing you to sync up and then either use gamecenter as the mediator, or just set up normal networking between gaming peers once you’ve established the match.

Here’s my concern (but I’m not super concerned) - I suspect Gamecenter is flat-out going to be forbidden for a non-reviewed app. In other words - We’re not going to be be able to write projects that can connect to or use gamecenter. It’s not explictly called out - but it’s obvious, if I was apple I wouldn’t allow random code to connect - the potential for mischief is just too great. Indeed - I’ll bet connecting to it outside of the approved libraries is forbidden as well (as it should be - I’m for freedom, but I’m also realistic about people mucking up things).

I wonder how usable the other parts of gamekit would be without gamecenter in there to coordinate things. I suspect big chunks will still work, or internet-less multiplayer would be unworkable. (on the other hand - maybe that’s why I’ve had such issues - I’ve only tried local bluetooth when no network was available).

Anyway - it had been suggested gamekit may be something to add - and I was just wondering about the gamecenter chunk. Maybe I’m wrong about being able to connect? or if I’m right - I wonder what it would take to set up something with similar functionality (open feint?). And just what parts work/don’t work without gamecenter? I don’t expect answers to these now - but they’re things to consider.

– me, trying to distract myself from the grim aspect of cut and paste.

If I understand it correctly, doing this in Codea would mean we would all share Codea’s (as of yet not created leader board). To have it independent would require using the (to be released) Codea engine and making it a independent app.

This is why I’ve been asking for, if we get no sockets. But all of this code sharing Codea’s game center account is a problem.