Gamecenter Codea 2.0

I have been looking for some tutorials for Gamecenter with Codea 2.0, however all of them use the Codea Runtime which is not needed for Codea Xcode projects anymore. Does anyone know what to do in order to implement Gamecenter? Should I simply use the Codea Runtime method or is there another way?

The Codea Runtime is still needed for Xcode. The difference is that now Codea can package it up nicely for you.

Is the Codea runtime bundled with the exported Xcode project?

@austinmccoy Yes it is.

Then where do I find all the files listed in all of the tutorials for gamecenter?

@austinmccoy I don’t really know because I don’t have a Mac. Which tutorials are you talking about? If you want to integrate gamecenter, consider using @Zoyt’s library. Here is the link to the discussion.

Where do I find @Zoyt’s library? The discussion has no links.

The solution is on my other Gamecenter post

@austinmccoy, the discussion is full of links if you go to the first post.

I can only see back to August First

Click the button at the bottom to go back to the first page of comments and scroll all the way to the top

Thank you, I finally got game center integrated! :slight_smile: