Game to tell the family about the good news :)

My wife and I wanted a fun way to tell the family that we were going to have a baby. This is what led to me picking up codea. This is the cheesy little side scroller that we showed the family :stuck_out_tongue: Thought I’d post it up. I had been using placeholders for a month and she did the art an hour before we showed the family :slight_smile:

Cute! Lovely animation of the walk :slight_smile:

Fantastic way to let folks know some wonderful news and I love the animation… it’s not cheesy… it’s ace! Congratulations to you and your lady :slight_smile:

very cute

Thanks All, it was a ton of fun!

nice work!

And Codea will give you something useful to do in the early hours of the morning when you are trying to get the baby to go to sleep.

Nice little announcement. Just the kind of thing you’d not think of doing without an environment like Codea.

Nice job! I wish I could have that type of art skills. What was it made in (the art)?

I’m pretty sure it was photoshop thats what she uses for work.

Download an app on iTunes called “Procreate”, you will be able to do all your own artwork in it and “Animation HD” for all your animations. No need for computers nowadays. Nice work and congrats. :slight_smile:

@Randall Ican barely draw a stick figure. When do make my own art I use spritesomething. I make a simple spritesheet then use the tile map to make the animation sequences. it saves to dropbox and my codea library reads the spitesheet and map then loads the animation from it. Thats how the cats were done. I found them online loaded them up and created the animation frames.

@Briarfox How did you get Codea to read and load the animation from the spritesheet and tile map?

With any spritesheet, you need to figure out where each little image starts and ends, then your code can use the image copy command (which can copy part of an image) to extract each image separately.

.@JakAttak - here is a simple example of extracting and animating from a sprite sheet

spritesomething app saved the spritesheet and tilemap to dropbox. the tilemaps Would save as a csv file. I wrote a small class to read it and save the animation frames.

I also did a sprite sheet approach using shaders which might give higher performance:

Currently it assumes a constant sized tiled layout to your sprite sheets, although I’m sure I could work up a more flexible approach for this if someone was interested.