game that could have been made with Codea

i have found ‘rovercraft’: i wanted to make almost exactly that game with Codea, but someone did it before! It is really fun, check for it.

Looks a bit like Rovio’s “Bad Piggies”.
FWIW - Angry Birds is written in Lua and uses the same Box2D code as is in Codea - just sayin’… :slight_smile:

As for “gameS that could have been made with Codea” - which what I thought this thread was about.

Pretty much every ST/Amiga/SNES/Megadrive/C64/Spectrum game ever* - now there’s a back catalog of inspiration to draw from.

*obvious nod to the lack of joystick / mouse control - although it would be awesome if Codea would allow integration of the offical iOS7+ controller support (or iCade perhaps???)

These games both remind me of Rare’s “Banjo Kazooie: Nuts ‘n’ Bolts” for Xbox360. One of my favorite games of all time, shame there was no mass desire for a sequel (I would’ve paid for as many sequels as they could make).