GAME JAM: Squash and stretch: a 2.5D physics sandbox

no it doesnt help. Very stange…

Oh no! May I ask what hardware you’re on? (And thank you for testing and providing the bug report)

ipad air 1, ios7

I’m also an air 1, ios 8, but I don’t see that issue that you describe. This is the second time I’ve had strange code compatibility issues (last time it was to do with shaders. I wonder whether there is a slight difference in GLES between ios 7 and 8?)

When you draw an object on the screen, does it appear under your finger, or is it displaced by the same 200 pixel gap?

I would be interested to hear whether other people have the same problem as @Jmv38

I’m on an iPad Air 1 and iOS 8.2 and if I start the game while in portrait mode, half of the START GAME button is off the screen. The game shows as landscape mode, but the button stays half off the screen even when I rotate the iPad to landscape.

EDIT: If I move screen=vec2(WIDTH,HEIGHT) into setup(), then everything works OK.

@dave1707 thanks for that, now it launches correctly when you’re in portrait mode. I’ve made that change in the gist (if that’s allowed by the competition rules \cough\) Thanks both of you!

@yojimbo2000 Is the level editor supposed to work. For the buttons on the right side of the screen, I just get garbage on the buttons so I don’t know what they’re for.

@dave1707 damn, you’re right. The buttons are emoji characters. The emoji display fine in the main gist page, but then when you go through to the raw page they get scrambled. Thanks for the heads-up on this. I guess I need to implement some kind of utf-8 encoding (which is included with Lua 5.3 I think?) I’ll see if I can post a fix in a few hours. Thanks again for reporting this.

OK, hot fix 2. the emoji issue in the editor has now been fixed, using the new Lua 5.3 UTF-8 library.

You can grab the code again here

Thanks again to @dave1707 for spotting this

Instructions for the level editor

(because I ran out of time to implement the help text feature).

  • The top-most icon is the menu toggle. If you press it, all the other buttons go grey and translucent (hmmm they should maybe go more translucent than they do). This indicates the buttons are no longer active, allowing you to draw in the area under them.

  • The top palette is 6 edit modes, only one of these buttons can be selected an any one time. The finger is select, the protractor is plot line, the pencil is free-draw shape, and then there is a crate, ball, and goal flag buttons for placing crates, the ball, and the goal.

  • The bottom palette is level IO. X deletes the selected object, “New” is a new level, pen and paper names the current level, the disk saves the level, the folder loads a new level, and the game controller saves the level and then quits the editor to let you play it.

When an item is selected you can drag it around the screen or delete it. If objects fall of the bottom of the screen they get deleted, so you could for example delete a bunch of crates by moving the platform out from under them.

Good job :slight_smile: