Future of Codea?

Always wondering if @Simeon or the admins have any insight they can share regarding the future of this app. Codea is excellent app, as we all know. I’d love to hear that its future is bright. Any upcoming updates, plans to go open source, etc.? Thanks as always!

Well, judging by the Code commits twitter feed (link in the sidebar to the right), a universal version is coming. I think this’ll be great for developing universal apps, and also for working on 2-player games (as I bet there’s more people with an iPad and an iPhone then with 2 iPads). It does raise the question of how or if user data will be synced between versions, given Apple’s past ban on importing code into apps. If Apple allow them to sync over iCloud, that would be awesome.

There’s also Codea Craft, which is a separate project, but some of its APIs might find their way back into Codea. Bullet 3D physics engine would be awesome. Also, don’t know if this is on the roadmap, but a simple way to tell what 3D object was touched, and where (ie touch point in local and UV coordinates) would really open up 3D development.

I’d also be interested in an developments the TTL team can share.

An announcement will be made soon regarding this but there’s no harm in mentioning it. Codea Craft’s entire engine and API will be available in an update to Codea, which includes many advanced features that will make it much easier to make 3D games.

Here are some videos of the prototype in action:

More information will be made available soon.

That’s fantastic news, and really playing to Codea’s strengths.

Any chance of adding support for importing 3D models in various formats? We’ve had .obj importers created by @Ignatz and others, but it would be great if these 3d formats could be officially supported in the asset pickers (with a preview of the 3D model). Apple’s ModelIO API now supports quite a range of these formats.

@John & @Simeon please take my money :sunglasses:

Seriously that’s looking awesome and I can’t wait.
As an aside, if there is going to be a universal build have you considered an Apple TV build (or at least allow Codea to build an Apple TV target) ???

@John - if you’re including greater 3D functionality, I can suggest a list of useful functions (with code) that would help to make programming much easier.

@yojimbo2000 I’m looking at the ModelIO API, thanks for suggesting that. CodeaCraft is written mostly in C++ so it can be difficult to integrate with Switft / Objective-C APIs.

@TechDojo Apple TV support is something we are interested in, it should be possible to support for XCode builds but we’d also need to add some support for the remotes and MFi controllers. Stay tuned.

@Ignatz Suggestions are welcome. The core focus of CC is to simplify 3D game development in Codea and provide some new advanced features for certain types of games (i.e. voxel-based worlds).

@John - thanks for the update on the update, but what we all really want to know is when will it be out so we can start playing with it :slight_smile:

@TechDojo Cheers. Most likely there will be a closed beta next month.

And easier multiplayer games making in next version?

Perhaps consider making CodeaCraft subscription-based IAP?

Or, if it’s too constitutionally unpalatable to make it IAP entirely, maybe make any CodeaCraft networking features IAP? That seems totally fair to me. Users get full access to the functionality themselves but need to pay to network between each other.

Maybe it’s odd for a user to suggest making something cost more money, but–if I may be indelicate for a second–I worry that you guys aren’t making enough money off of Codea!

It’s such a sterling product that I would be willing to support such a thing.