Forums comes up blank from within Codea

Subject says it. When I press the Codea forums button, a blank page comes up. Says Done at top, has nav and refresh at bottom. Stays dead.

Sorry about this. We’re having problems with the old server. The next version links to and we’ll be migrating the old server over soon.

The in-app forums should be working now.

I think the previous forum site redirected for a while but has now stopped doing so. So the links went dead.

Here’s another discussion about it.

@RonJeffries Same thing for me. A link I used was working, then it wouldn’t for 2 days. Then it worked again for a while, and now it doesn’t. I had to switch to another link for this.

Odd, seemed it worked quite recently. Has something changed within past few days?

@RonJeffries I believe that it links to the old forums, on the TLL domain instead of this one.