Forum problems

@Simeon Something is wrong with the Forum. I’m running into problems trying to copy code from posts. Sometimes I can’t select code, other times I can select some code but when I try to expand the highlighted copy area, as soon as I move the drag icon, the screen just scrolls halfway up the discussion over several posts and I can’t copy anything.

I’m also running into times where I can’t paste code into a post. I don’t get the popup with Paste in it. I have to exit Codea Talk and then go back in.

Most of the time everything works normally. I haven’t found a pattern that causes it.

@,dave1707 - and I thought I was the only one. I suspect the problem is when you zoom the screen, even a little, as it seems to lose its structure.

Same in Codea, zoom and selection gets fast and out of control.

@Bri_G I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I’m having trouble and see if that’s what’s causing it.